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Why are zero hours contracts receiving zero respect from the TUC?

They have had a pretty bad press over recent years, but they are by no means a new way of engaging with staff. In fact, prior to the Working Time Regulations 1998, these contracts would have been known as casual contracts.

The TUC have suggested that they would like to see a ban of zero hours contracts following a recent polling of 3287 workers, only 300 of whom are on zero hours contracts.

Many have already called into question the validity of the results from the TUC poll given that the sample was an estimated 0.038% of the total number of people on zero hours contracts.

Now, the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) have spoken out in support of the casual zero hours arrangement.

Jon Boys, labour market economist at the CIPD said a blanket ban on zero hours contracts would likely be damaging to many workers and could potentially leave some with no options but to give up work altogether.

Here at KHRS, we’re fully with the CIPD on this one. In our experience of supporting our lovely clients, zero hours contracts can and are being used in a positive way to provide flexibility for both employers and employees alike.

What is a zero hours contract anyway?

  • Although it’s a flexible way of working, it is still a contract of employment which means that anyone working on a zero hours contract is:
    • An employee
    • Entitled to accrue holiday pay;
    • Entitled to sick pay.
  • It is a flexible contract for both sides, i.e. you can offer work when it’s available and your employee can accept work when they are available.
  • With a zero hours contract, there are no guarantees so just as you don’t offer a set number of hours each week or month, your member of staff doesn’t have to guarantee you any time either. They might be able to work the hours you offer but equally, they might not.  They can work for any number of businesses in this way.
  • Keeping good records of hours worked on a zero hours contract is important, the simplest way to do this is to ask your employee to complete and sign a time sheet weekly or monthly.
  • Employees on zero hours contracts do accrue holiday, to find out how to calculate holiday for zero hours contracts CONTACT US today.

The Simple Take is: Zero hours contracts are a two-way street!


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