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Managing people can be lonely. Faced with making the decisions but not always having the confidence that they’re the right decisions to make. Not knowing where to turn for expert advice when you need it most. That’s where we come in.


All businesses must comply with employment law when employing staff but it can be a challenge for business owners and managers to know where to start. This is where Keeping HR Simple can help with proactive, solutions-led and forward thinking HR support.

Having a small or medium business often means that you don’t have the budget or need for your own HR Manager. What you do want is the peace of mind of knowing someone is in your corner when it comes to the complex and sensitive issues you have to deal with when you have staff in your business. We are experts in dealing with difficult and potentially costly issues such as managing sickness absence, disciplinaries, grievances, redundancies and more.

With a range of services to suit your business needs, we can support you with:

There’s no need to struggle alone or spend your precious time researching employment law and legislation. We are there whenever you need us, saving you time and money and the potential pitfalls of not understanding the correct processes to follow when making decisions about looking after your staff.


Our online training courses improve your management team’s communication and people skills

If we were all born knowing everything there is to know, wouldn’t the world be a very boring place? Where would we be without training?


Trusted Advisor

I have worked with Katherine for the last two years. She has acted on matters that I was unable to, and I am confident that she provides astute knowledge and a practical approach to all

Wendy Davidson
Butcher Andrews

Motivational maps were a real eye opener

We have used keeping HR Simple for the past 3 years after they were recommended to us. The team are approachable and reliable. They always go the extra mile in finding the solution you need, offering their services above and beyond your initial query to ensure the best customer service they can offer, delivering the best possible results. The team can always demonstrate their knowledge from past experience. Jason and Kathryn have genuine care for their clients and passion for not only HR, but the wellbeing of the business too.

Rebecca Allbones - Studio Manager
Studio 11 Architecture

Incredibly easy and painless process…

Thank you so much for revolutionising our HR systems. Until I met you I thought the HR was something that massive PLCs had to worry about so was deeply concerned when I realised that we had to take it far more seriously! You made the whole process incredibly easy and painless for me though and we now have systems in place for every possible scenario. The communication between me and my team is also vastly better as a result. The contracts and handbook are superb and cost far less than

Ed Williams, Director & Solo Channel Swimmer
Elite Swimming Academy

Taking on a new employee and need HR documentation?

Our new starter package includes everything you need to onboard your new employee easily and with minimum fuss.

New Employee Package


Looking for a way to check if your HR documentation is in good shape? Not convinced that what you’ve got is what you actually need to help you to run your business? Look no further – request our simple and straightforward HR health check to find out more.



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Sometimes, you just want straightforward answers. You don’t want jargon or hypothetical scenarios. You just want to know if you can or can’t do what you want to do. Or more importantly, if doing what you want to do is going to land you in hot water! Check out our knowledge centre for more:

Keeping HR Simple provides businesses with proactive, solutions-led and forward thinking HR support

There’s no need to struggle alone or spend your precious time researching employment law and legislation. We'll be there when you need us - 01487 815 720


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