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Training – A nice to have or an essential part of your HR strategy?

Most of us receive training when we start a new job, even if it’s just system and process training but is that where it ends? Is that right for you, your team and your business?

Consider the value that could be added to your business if you were to implement an ongoing training programme for your staff members.  Done well, it could keep morale high, increase job satisfaction and probably most importantly improve self-belief all of which supports the retention of your best people.

Employees who receive regular training are altogether more invested in your business and therefore more likely to stay and do an outstanding job.

One group of people in most businesses who get forgotten when it comes to training are Managers and Team Leaders.  Most of these people are promoted not because they make great Managers or because they can inspire their team but because they have been around the longest and/or because they are great at whatever it was you employed them for to start with.

How do Managers become great Managers?  Don’t get me wrong; there are some people who are born with the ability to lead and inspire but for most people, training is essential to help them become the best Managers they can be.

How comfortable are your Managers in leading a disciplinary hearing or having difficult conversations with their team members?  Can they recognise their team members’ learning and communications styles and adapt the way they interact with people?

All questions Janice Meakin from Abax had considered before she asked us to carry out communication training with 4 members of staff.

We were very pleased with the Management Training Programme Jason presented to us.  It was extremely informative and made relevant to our industry.  We found the course enjoyable and thought provoking.  Well done ‘Keeping HR Simple!” Janice Meakin – Office Manager ABAX UK LTD

The Simple Take Is:  Training isn’t a “nice to have”

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