Our Story

Keeping HR Simple was born from frustration. Frustration that good employers can get taken for a ride. Frustration that employers can feel afraid to take the right actions in their own businesses. And most of all, frustration with the lack of simplicity when it comes to contracts of employment and HR policies and procedures.

After all, who really wants to read a load of “herewiths” and “hereunders” and “whofores and whyfores” – what we really want is to keep it simple!

We set the Company up in 2009 at a point when we were ready to do something different in our careers. I’d been responsible for HR and recruitment in a reasonably-sized business and my husband Jason had been working in training, sales, business development and management for a number of years, both in corporate and in small businesses. Although no longer directly involved in the business, Jason now provides strategic direction and support.

As a business, we have always had a “keep it simple” ethos at heart. Whether that’s in the documentation we provide, in the way we explain things to our clients, in the training we provide or in the webinars we offer. It’s all about keeping it simple and straightforward. After all, HR doesn’t have to be complicated!

Since we set the business up, there isn’t much we haven’t dealt with or experienced along the way. From redundancies to sickness absences, from difficult employees to supporting managers on engaging with their teams, we’ve been there and seen that!

Where to go from here?

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Jason and Katherine

Jason and Katherine Duff in 2009


Trusted Advisor

I have worked with Katherine for the last two years. She has acted on matters that I was unable to, and I am confident that she provides astute knowledge and a practical approach to all

Wendy Davidson
Butcher Andrews

Motivational maps were a real eye opener

We have used keeping HR Simple for the past 3 years after they were recommended to us. The team are approachable and reliable. They always go the extra mile in finding the solution you need, offering their services above and beyond your initial query to ensure the best customer service they can offer, delivering the best possible results. The team can always demonstrate their knowledge from past experience. Jason and Kathryn have genuine care for their clients and passion for not only HR, but the wellbeing of the business too.

Rebecca Allbones - Studio Manager
Studio 11 Architecture

Incredibly easy and painless process…

Thank you so much for revolutionising our HR systems. Until I met you I thought the HR was something that massive PLCs had to worry about so was deeply concerned when I realised that we had to take it far more seriously! You made the whole process incredibly easy and painless for me though and we now have systems in place for every possible scenario. The communication between me and my team is also vastly better as a result. The contracts and handbook are superb and cost far less than

Ed Williams, Director & Solo Channel Swimmer
Elite Swimming Academy