Guide to statutory leave entitlements

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An employee may be entitled to certain kinds of leave, depending on the circumstances and the reasons for requesting time off.   The following tables give an overview of the different kinds of leave that may be available.  Requests for unpaid leave not fitting the circumstances below may not be automatically granted but should be considered. 

Statutory Paid Leave

Type of LeaveWho is eligible?Comments
HolidayAll employeesMust follow holiday booking procedure Paid at usual rate
Sickness absenceAll employeesOnly applies if employee is sick (not anyone else in the family, for example) – statutory rates apply
Maternity and adoption leaveAll employees who have or adopt a childEntitlement to leave is automatic Minimum length of service required to qualify for paid leave (statutory rates apply) Up to 52 weeks may be taken
Paternity leaveAll employees whose partner has a babyMinimum length of service required One or two weeks may be taken Statutory rates apply
Shared parental leave (ShPL)All employees who are having a babySpecific arrangements which can allow parents to share leave when a child is born Statutory rates apply
Parental Bereavement LeaveAll employees who lose a child under 18Statutory rates apply  

Unpaid leave

Type of LeaveWho is eligible?Comments
Compassionate leaveAll employeesApplies when a close family member dies or has a serious issue and urgently needs the employee’s help (may be paid but only at Company’s discretion)
Dependants’ leaveAll employees who have people who depend on them for careFor emergencies only One or two days taken at a time
Parental leaveAll employees with children up to 18Only for planned leave Must be requested in advance For 1 or 2 week blocks (not odd days) Max 4 weeks in a year Up to 18 weeks for each child Business may postpone parental leave if necessary

Download this guide as a pdf