Where does training start?

Apr 20, 2020 | HR, Training

At the beginning! – The first experience of training and development will take place at induction time.  It is said that an employee will have made their mind up about a job within the first day. So, it is crucial to have a great induction plan in place to set the scene from day one.

We’d recommend that you review your new employee’s CV and interview notes to identify any key areas for initial training or support. As an example, do they lack knowledge or experience in a critical business system that will be a key part of their role? If so, you need to prioritise the delivery of training support for that system in their induction. Have they identified a weakness in their telephone manner? Think about the areas in which they will most need support and introduce those areas in the plan for induction.

Following a well-structured induction, you should complete a skills matrix or training skills assessment which will support any training plan you provide. A skills matrix will help you to assess what training an individual might need/want but will also make sure you are cross-skilled to cover sickness and holiday.
Training can take many different forms. To start with there might be training on particular software or machinery as providing a structured programme on training specific to your business will certainly help a new employee bed into your business and feel part of the team.

Outsourced training can also be a great way to help new people and of course those who have been around the block with you a real sense of purpose and growth.

Remember that training doesn’t have to be external. If you have people inhouse who are particularly skilled and experienced in an area of business, perhaps they would like to develop their own careers and become an inhouse trainer or at least take up the mantle of mentor for new staff?

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