Covid Plan B

Nov 23, 2021 | Blog, Coronavirus News, Uncategorized

With Covid numbers rising again and an uncertain winter ahead we are hearing more about Plan B so perhaps now is a good time to look at what Plan B actually entails.

The current Government strategy – Plan A – focuses on testing and vaccination to help prevent the NHS from becoming overwhelmed. Plan B would re-introduce measures designed to control transmission while minimising economic and social aspects. That would include mandatory vaccine-only Covid-status certification and face coverings in certain settings, communicating any increase to the level of risk to the public and possibly, requests for people to work from home again if they can. 

Get away with you

It’ll never happen. 

I’m not claiming to have a crystal ball here but with the steady increase in the number of Covid cases in the UK, it would be daft to ignore the possibility of a return to some kind of control measures. 

Don’t shoot the messenger. 

What will Plan B mean for my business?

You’ll most likely need to consider putting a plan in place, even if it’s just contingency. 

That plan will need to encompass:

  • returning to work from home for those staff that can;
  • ensuring staff safety and compliance with Government guidance;
  • re-introducing face coverings when necessary;
  • reviewing and updating previous risk assessments;
  • consulting with employees and keeping them up to date.

As always, if you want to chat about what Plan B or Plan WTAFDWDN as I prefer to call it could mean to your business, please get in touch.


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