Mask wearing – personal choice…

Feb 24, 2022 | Blog, Coronavirus News, Uncategorized

As Covid restrictions ease again and wearing a mask becomes a personal choice what happens in the workplace? Working from home guidelines are also expected to be lifted so many employees who have been working remotely for nearly 2 years may now head back to the office. In the end the restrictions were actually lifted very quickly so people haven’t really had a lot of time to process what’s happening. Whilst we all agree masks are annoying, make it difficult to hear and worst of all cause your glasses to steam up, employers need to consider that some people may not be ready to get rid of masks. For some the last few years have been very difficult, people have been impacted in different ways not least illness, bereavement or dealing with isolation. So some people may not be ready to rush back to normality or they may not even know what normal is. Employers and team members can support each other by allowing time and space, a safe place to gradually get used to the post Covid work place. If you need help on how to support your team please contact us.


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