The Employment Rights Bill – Labour’s first 100 days

Jul 9, 2024 | Blog, HR

 Introducing The Employment Rights Bill

As we all know by now, Labour are now in the hot seat. 

And, at the time of writing, they plan to introduce some legislation in Parliament within the first 100 days of taking up that hot seat.

The legislation I’m referring to is the Employment Rights Bill. 

For the purposes of this update, I’m going to focus on Labour plans for the first 100 days* and I’m going to stick to talking about the HR stuff, not the politics.

*That’s roughly covering the period of July to September 2024.

Let’s get cracking 

As mentioned, Labour plan to introduce an Employment Rights Bill (ERB) through Parliament.

They also plan to create a Single Enforcement Body (SEB) which will be a regulatory body for the ERB with Trade Unions representation. This will mean one place for reporting and enforcement and an ability to bring civil proceedings. 

There’s a question mark over whether or not we’ll see a merger of other current bodies – watch this space.

Katherine says: watch this space and I’ll keep you posted with updates. 

Neurodiversity in the workplace

The new government plan to start raising awareness of neurodiversity in the workplace and across the wider society. Now this is something I can absolutely get behind! I think we can reasonably expect to see legislative updates in this area in the next few years. 

Katherine says: Neurodiversity in the workplace is a huge topic and something that’s a particular interest of mine. Rest assured that I’ll support you with any changes you need to be considering. 

Minimum Wage

They plan to immediately increase minimum wage to £10 an hour for all workers and then to review a real living wage. 

Katherine says: I’ll let you know once this comes into effect. It’s one to make sure your payroll know about but also to take into consideration for budgets if you employ people under the age of 21. 

Day One Rights

All employment rights are to be available from Day One of employment. The right to take an unfair dismissal claim is the first one to be immediately affected.

Katherine says: this is a big topic and one I’ll be following up on. In a nutshell, we need to be working to ensure that you have robust probation and performance management processes in place. We need to really emphasise the importance of regular, consistent and early feedback during probation and dismissal must be a last resort. More on this when I’ve had a chance to properly get my head around it. 

Employers with 250+ employees 

Although this part is unlikely to affect most of you, I’ll just briefly cover it. There will be a requirement to develop, publish and implement action plans in larger organisations to close their gender pay gap. Outsourced workers will have to be included in the ratio reporting. 

There will also be mandatory reporting and publication of ethnicity and disability pay gaps as well as a requirement to produce Menopause Action Plans, setting out support for employees. 

Worth noting that guidance will be published for smaller employers on measures including recording of menopause-related absence and leave, flexible working and reasonable adjustments in the workplace. 

Katherine says: I’ll keep you posted on any key points relevant to the smaller business owner. 

Employment Tribunals

The new government plan to:

  • further digitise Employment Tribunals;
  • Improve and strengthen enforcement;
  • Increase the time limit to bring a claim from 3 months to 6 months; and
  • introduce personal liability for those who were Directors at the time of the issue or reason for the claim. 

Katherine says: Key point here is the increase from a 3 month time limit to 6 months. Not great if you’ve dismissed and you’re wondering if you’ll get a claim or not – this will essentially double the amount of time you’ve got to wait and see. 

Trade Unions

There is a shed load of info about Trade Unions which I don’t typically deal with and I don’t want to bore you with unless it’s relevant to you. If you need to know more about the Trade Unions-related stuff, just contact us and I’ll summarise for you.

C’mere. There’s more. LOTS more. 

Forgive the poor Jimmy Cricket impression.

But yes indeed. There’s a lot more to take in that’s relevant for the first 100 days to 6 months, so in other words, July to December 2024.

I will put that update in a separate email soon because if I included it all here, you’d all be straight down the pub, never to be seen again! 


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